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  • Goan Enthusiasts And RiderS

    Club Hub Featured Club: GEARS Club Hub is a dedicated section for Motorcycle Clubs in India, featuring one club at a time. We aim at highlighting India's most eminent and prestigious motorcycle clubs under this section. In this article, we feature GEARS - Goan Enthisiasts And RiderS.

      Name: GEARS  
      City: GOA  
      Members: 200  
      Profiles: Facebook PageRTID Profile  
      Founder: Aaron Cardozo, Akshay Tendulkar & Carlton Figueiredo  
      Founded: 2011  

    Founder Quote

    The machine one owns should not restrict them from being a GEARhead

    Founders, GEARS

    Can you please take us through your journey with GEARS and your inspiration behind setting up this group?

    GEARS was founded to bring together like-minded people under a common banner in Goa, people who love bikes and riding but who do so responsibly and with a high regard for safety. Right from the group’s inception, we decided that the machine one owns should not restrict them from being a GEARhead and this is part of the underlying philosophy of the group even today. We were inspired by other established groups in other parts of the country but did not want to restrict ourselves to a particular brand, model or type of machine.

    What was the concept behind instituting a name to describe GEARS?

    We wanted our group to have a name that was catchy and at the same time related to the world of motorcycles. We also wanted it to have an obvious connection to our home State. The acronym GEARS stands for Goan Enthusiasts And RiderS.

    What is the focus of your club going further in the years to come and what keeps the spirit alive?

    Our focus has been and always will be striving to inculcate better riding habits in our members and giving utmost importance to riding safety. We try to do this without losing any sense of the fun and excitement that comes naturally with riding. We consider our group to be a big family and that helps keep our spirits high at all times. 

    Let us know key highlights or motivators towards the growth of GEARS?

    Besides rides, GEARS also hosts member meets and has a Facebook Page and Group which provide different platforms for our GEARheads to communicate with each other and share tips and stories and all this contributes to the growth of the group.

    What are the most memorable rides of your club and what are the rides planned which will mark another milestone in your achievements?

    GEARS has organized and participated in many rides of varying types and distances. We have had short rides within Goa, inter-state rides to neighbouring States as well as track rides on Buddh International Circuit and Kari Motor Speedway. However, we still consider our ride to Leh-Ladakh in 2013 as the most memorable one yet. Our future plans include rides to Ooty-Munnar, the Rann of Kutch and other multi-state rides including the full Golden Quadrilateral circuit.

    What distinguishes GEARS from other clubs in the country?

    To be fair, many such clubs around the country share similar ideals and interests since they also believe in biking brotherhood like we do. However, being from Goa, maybe being gracious hosts to visiting bikers and clubs is something that sets us apart a little! We also make no distinctions based on one’s machine. Our group includes everything from Superbikes to 100cc ungeared scooters!

    Now that biking culture is growing, how would you plan to spread awareness among bikers to be a part of clubs?

    We regularly post events and rides on our Facebook Page and invite new people to join us. We also hold seminars in educational institutions to promote riding safely and responsibly and to educate bikers about riding technique and simple maintenance procedures.

    How do bikers outside your city participate in the events organised by your club?

    We have hosted a few clubs from other States in the past including the Naked Wolves and Yamaha Riders Club of India. We act as their local contact for information like riding routes and local attractions. Sometimes we host an actual meet or ride to interact with these groups. We have also supported India Bike Week in Goa during the last two iterations of that event.

    Where is the next biking trip planned? Name a few upcoming special rides like safety ride,ladakh ride or any other ride that’s being planned.

    Our next big ride will probably be to the Rann of Kutch. We also plan to revisit Ladakh next year and cover Spiti this time around.

    How does your club ensure Safety during rides/how do you promote safety?

    Safety is our number one priority. Helmets are compulsory even for pillion riders and we encourage our members to use as much riding gear as possible. We follow group riding techniques with a group leader leading the way and a sweeper bringing up the rear. We are also very strict about bikes being street legal and in good shape. All documentation must also be up to date and readily available.

    Are there any special achievements by the club or any individual club members?

    Our dedication to promoting the spirit of biking responsibly was appreciated by xBhp in August 2013 for which we received a commendation and an invitation to a special track day at Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida. GEARS has also been featured in newspapers, magazines as well as local TV channels. GEARS also has an association with Motul and has been featured in their 2014 calendar!

    What is procedure one has to go about to join your club&what are the other skill sets that the group is on the lookout for besides a passion for biking?

    To join the group, one has to simply show up for one of our events and sign up. Besides having a passion for biking, the individual must be sensible, responsible and willing to follow the rules and regulations of the group.

    What is the vision of the group & how many members does the group comprise of, as on today?

    In the near future, we see GEARS growing even more while continuing to be a positive influence on the motorcycling scene in Goa and in India as well. We currently have around 200 members.


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