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Making the Laddoos Smile

  • Making the Laddoos Smile

    Republic day 2016; this day will surely go down as a day filled with enormous satisfaction and happiness & without a doubt; the joy of giving.

    Enfield Pirates, Ahmedabad chapter like every year decided to celebrate this day by performing their share of good deeds. However, what sets them apart from the crowd is that they gather once a year to perform their good deed and they make sure it’s the best. Last year the Pirates took up the cause of raising funds for an old age home. This year it was Laddoo Foundation in Ahmedabad that received their aid.

    The Pirates raised a call for collections in the form of clothes and stationery for the children of various age groups. After all, one can never have enough of clothes & a pen and paper! With this in mind, the Pirates, their families and friends ended up collecting a big bundle of clothes; not just old but even new clothes for them. And what’s more is that the stationery that was purchased for these children wasn’t just something cheap that you buy from your regular store. Instead the guys ensured that these lesser privileged kids got the same quality stuff that they would otherwise purchase for their own children too!

    Coming to the very day itself. The meet up time for riders and their families was fixed at 7 am at Law Garden. We know it was early but people began trickling in. By 8.15 am we had 52 riders along with 52 shiny Royal Enfields parked at the chai ka adda. And many better halves and their young children came too. Post the breakfast and accompanied by Sanjay from Laddoo Foundation, the ride began.

    The ride captain was Kalpesh Mewada, chapter head for Gujarat. Of course pre ride instructions too were meted out to the riders. Instructions such as at what speed to ride, headlights on and of course mandatory helmets.  52 bikes riding in a single file with the Indian flags waving was a sight to watch. With a short 10 min break in between for a sutta, the riders rode into the foundations premises.

    Kids were assembled in rows where they were waiting for the flag to be hoisted. We accompanied the kids in chanting the song ‘Vande Matram’ and in singing the national anthem as well. Post this, we organized a drawing competition for the children. And lo and behold! We saw many budding talents! Right from the perfect features of a human face to the beautiful peacock, there were many children who could turn out to be professional artists. And that’s exactly what Laddoo foundations aims at. They nurture the children and polish their skills, thus giving them a means of livelihood when they grow up.

    The best part was that it wasn’t just these children who sat to do some drawing; the pirates and their families participated too, thus ensuring a fun time for everyone! The day we would say gave an immense satisfaction to everyone involved. The Joy of Giving just doesn’t bring a smile to the other’s face but it surely helps in bringing about a happiness from within. 

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