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MotoGP 2015 Champion, Lorenzo at BIC

  • MotoGP 2015 Champion, Lorenzo at BIC

    Yamaha organized an online competition where Indian R3 owners were selected to get a chance to ride on the Buddh International Circuit with the three-time MotoGP™ World Champion Lorenzo on the bike that was launched in August this year.

    Lorenzo is in India to visit the Vincente Ferrer Foundation in Anantapur. The Charity, which was set up in 1969, is dedicated to trying to help fight poverty in one of the poorest regions of the world. After his day at the track the Spaniard will visit a number of projects aided by the Foundation, including the Bathalapali Hospital and the local orphanage.

    Jorge Lorenzo: “This was my second visit here, not only in India but also at this track. I have to do six laps, not in a row, but with stops to change the group. I was leading three groups on the track and it was difficult as it was wet. Therefore I left a margin for not crashing and just enjoyed the track. It is unbelievable as it is so modern, so wide and so long. I just had to take care of the ones following and make sure they stayed safe and just enjoy the moment.

    “I would love it if MotoGP came to India because the market is so huge and it could be very important for MotoGP! There is a lot of love for motorbikes here, as there are more bikes than cars in the cities. They are lovers of motorbikes but they don’t have a Grand Prix where they can appreciate the best motorcycle racing championship in the world.”

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