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Motorcycle Tales by Legends

  • Motorcycle Tales by Legends

    How do you view your motorcycle? Simply like a mode of transport or maybe a vehicle that’s utilized only when in need? Or do you perhaps look at a bike as a very dangerous means of commute?

    **sniggering** Well, for the naysayers who haven’t experienced the joys of motorcycling, these books of motorcycle tales is sure to change your perception of these so called “two wheeled monsters”. And for those who are well into the world of biking, these books will surely help you take your passion for biking to another level.

    1.       Jupiter’s Travels

    While many of you know who this legend is, how many have read his book ‘Jupiter’s Travels’? This book is a thorough documentation of Ted Simon’s first journey around the world. He covered a distance of 78,000 miles spanning 45 countries in a duration of 4 years! Accompanying him on the journey was the legendary 500 cc Triumph Tiger 100 motorcycle way back in 1973.

    In the year 2001 when he reached the age of 70, when most people would opt to live a laid back life, Simon hopped onto a bike and undertook a similar journey again! Thus later, leading him to write another book titled ‘Dreaming of Jupiter’. Ted’s observations from the first trip and the second trip make for a truly fascinating read!


    2.       Long Way Round

    Now, there couldn’t be a book that’s has the feel of the road and the rawness of the road in it! Inspired by Ted Simon’s journey, this ride was taken by then actors Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman. They set of on their BMW bikes from London and made the journey to New York. However, what makes this book an absolute delight to read is the fact that it is a series of journal entries by both these actors written separately. Also, their writing includes the interesting adventures they encountered with people along the way! Oh, and not to forgot to watch the awesome ‘Long Way Round’ DVD which has a lot of footage from their journey!


    3.       The Rugged Road

    Ever decided to visit a friend in a country half way across the world and made it on a damn bike? No? Well, that’s exactly what these two adventurous souls did. A motorcycle, a sidecar and two women journeying from London to South Africa right through the Sahara with a trailer in tow! Oh and did we mention they didn’t even carry a compass for navigation? Read their astounding journey in ‘The Rugged Road’ by Theresa Wallach.


    4.       The Longest Ride

    True to its name, this surely had been one hell of a ride spanning a decade! Mind you; that’s 10 years on a bike with countless adventures experienced and documented by Emilio Scotto. He travelled through nearly every country in the world, covering an approximate distance of 500,000 miles! Based on his childhood dream of traveling the world and charting out a road in the world atlas, nicknamed ‘Blue Road One’, Emilio achieved his dream on an 1100 Honda Gold Wing motorcycle. He charted a journey that gave him way in to the Guinness Book of Records and unbelievably, he even met the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali!


    5.       One Life to Ride

    Now that’s what we call an insightful peek into the mind of a solo rider. Pune-Ladakh & kargil, the author Ajit Harisinghani neatly documents every single aspect of the ride and the thoughts of a solo rider heading to one of the toughest terrains in the country. Right from the holy man cycling from Mumbai to Mecca to the light hearted con game in Rajasthan, this book definitely will make you want to pack & plan a ride to the famed Khardung-La.

    These books will help you bring out the wanderlust in you and rekindle the joy of traveling and adventure deep within `you! Grab a copy of either or better still of all the books, get a cup of steaming hot coffee & delve into the world of adventures and motorcycling!

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