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  • Royal Ride Recommendations

    Back from the head-banging Parties of Goa, it was time for home-cooked meals and a sleepy weekend at home. My bike, all washed and cleaned rested in the porch and me, feeling the cool smoothness of my sheets lay there thinking of the next riding season. Just then, I got a call.

    A call regarding a Work Assignment at Indore. Had to reach the day after. Fond memories of Madhya Pradesh flooded my mind - the forts and monuments, yummy food and fantastic roads – Roads?! “There! My riding season starts”, I exclaimed.

    On Finding Bliss at the Shanti Stupa
    On Finding Bliss at the Shanti Stupa

    Since my Royal Enfield Classic was in good condition, I didn’t spend much time at the service centre. Post the regular servicing and oil change, I was good to go!  The roads being superb, I could speed up effortlessly and cover the distance of about 600kms from Mumbai to Indore in 11 hours. The ride was good but my speed slacked while climbing ghats and again 50kms prior to my destination, when I could feel the bike performance going down as the bike felt sluggish and could not pick up speed while overtaking – I thought the engine must be over heated and left it at that.

    The next morning, while discussing this issue with my friend Ravi, I gathered that the issue wasn’t with my engine but with my engine oil. Ravi is a bike enthusiast and a Blue-Blooded Prince, whose family I was staying with in Indore. He told me – a special engine oil was the key and briefed me of Castrol’s new innovation - Castrol Power1 CRUISE. This oil has been specially designed to meet the needs of long rides. Its Power Sustain technology manages heat and friction in big bikes ensuring continuous power delivery and provides On-Demand Acceleration when you need it the most. Ravi specified that this oil would not only solve the issue and increase acceleration but won’t even heat up like the earlier oil did.

    Post completing my assignment in Indore, me and Ravi, we got ourselves to work on my Royal Enfield Classic. After draining every drop of the sticky black slush from my bike, I watched Castrol’s luminous semi-synthetic fluid flow smoothly into the fill-hole. Got the bike ready, checked tyre pressure, fuel and luggage and I was good to leave - on a road-trip of Madhya Pradesh!

    The travel from Indore onwards was smooth and without hiccups, and I guessed Ravi’s Magic Oil worked!

    I visited the Sanchi Stupa, rode through the jungles of Pachmarhi and Managaon, lost myself in the ancient ruins of Mandav and had a luxurious stay at Maheshwar before heading back to Mumbai. All thanks to Ravi for recommending the Castrol Power1 CRUISE which spruced up my bike giving me speeds for quick throttle and excellent power delivery.

    I am home now and my bike, sitting pretty in the porch – both waiting for our next big ride!

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