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The Bikerni - An All Female Motorcycle Club

  • The Bikerni - An All Female Motorcycle Club

    Club Hub Featured Club: The Bikerni; India's first female association for women. Club Hub is a dedicated section for Motorcycle Clubs in India, featuring one club at a time. We aim at highlighting India's most eminent and prestigious motorcycle clubs under this section. In this article, we feature The Bikerni Motorcycle Club.

      Name: The Bikerni MC  
      City: Pune & PAN India  
      Members: 600+  
      Profiles: Facebook PageRTID Profile  
      Founder: Urvashi Patole  
      Founded: In the year 2011  
    The Bikerni  

    Founder Quote

    We like mud for make-up & petrol for perfume!

    Founder, Urvashi Patole


    Can you please take us through your journey with The Bikerni and your inspiration behind setting up this group?

    The Bikerni was kickstarted by Urvashi Patole in January 2011 with an aim to create a platform for women who ride motorcycles and for those who aspire to ride motorcycles as well. Like-minded women joined in and paved the way for future Admins and coordinators who now handle a 600-strong association of female bikers!

    What was the concept behind instituting a name to describe your club?

    The Bikerni's mission is to create an equal platform for women motorcyclists and to empower women all over India through the field of motorcycles. Since it is an women oriented club, the name too relates directly to a woman biker.

    What is the focus of your club going further in the years to come and what keeps the spirit alive?

    We aim to encourage women to ride on paths they would have never thought of before. The Bikerni encourages the members to head out on road-trips, to connect with fellow members and treat them like family and also participates and volunteers in motorcycling events and social causes.

    Let us know key highlights or motivators towards the growth of The Bikerni?

    With the help of a few dedicated women, the foundation of The Bikerni was laid in cities all over India. The Bikerni is present in almost all major cities and each city chapter has a fixed administrator and rotating road captains. Each region of India is monitored by a moderator who co-ordinates with the cities in her domain.

    There is a core committee present who discuss and execute the route of The Bikerni's growth and the main board consists of Urvashi Patole, Sheetal Bidaye and Chithra Priya.

    What are the most memorable rides of The Bikerni and what are the rides planned which will mark another milestone in your achievements?

    Most memorable was our 11-women ride to Ladakh in 2011 where we created a Limca Record for maximum number of women to ride up Khardung La, the highest motorable road in the world. Another was the 2015 Anniversary ride which saw 50 women riding in. We are planning on a few more of such rides, one shall be to Ladakh in July 2015 as many bikernis wish to ride along those treacherous roads once again.

    What distinguishes The BIkerni from other clubs in the country?

    Ours is a unique women centric riders club. It is the very first and also the largest association of female bikers in India.The members of The Bikerni have a number of records to their name and are well respected in the biking community as the front-runners of the women motorcycling movement.

    Now that biking culture is growing, how would you plan to spread awareness among bikers to be a part of clubs?

    Watching a group of women riding motorcycles is enough to encourage the womenfolk to ride themselves. They get motivated to learn riding, contact our Admins, register themselves with our club and hone their riding skills. Regular rides bring in new riders as well as opportunities to learn more about riding and motorcycles.

    How do bikers outside your city participate in the events organised by your club?

    It is through social media and group chats that we are connected across the country. If riders/ members from other cities wish to join us on any particular ride, they get all the necessary updates on facebook and whatsapp.

    How does your club ensure Safety during rides/how do you promote safety?

    Safety is our foremost rule. We ensure all riders are in proper riding gear including helmets, elbow and knee guards and proper footwear. Any person who is without any one of these is refused permission to join us on rides. We carry First-Aid kits and other personal safety measures on all our rides. Safety of each member is crucial during any group ride, thus we ride in formations with a Lead, a Tail and a Sweep rider at all times.

    What is procedure one has to go about to join your club & what are the other skill sets that the group is on the lookout for besides a passion for biking?

    Those who wish to join The Bikerni needs to fill up the registration form which is available online they shall be directed to the concerned city Admin who will guide them.


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