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The Bikerni's experience BFI's Safety Ride

  • The Bikerni's experience BFI's Safety Ride

    Being a part of the BFI National Safety Ride was not only a great experience in terms of riding but also a great opportunity to meet and connect with motorcyclists and enthusiasts from all over the country.

    The route of the National Safety Ride which took off from Delhi was divided into four segments viz. Delhi – Pune, Pune – Chennai, Chennai – Kolkata, Kolkata – Delhi; with two riders riding per segment. My co-rider on this trip was Urvashi Patole, the founder of Bikerni and me were riding the third segment, which is Chennai to Kolkata.


    Post breakfast, we riders began our ride negotiating the dreadful morning traffic of Chennai following the ‘back-up vehicle’ which was actually meant to follow us! The reason being, although the roads were unknown to us, the GPS in the back-up vehicle proved to be a good guide! Urvashi was looking cool on the red Triumph Speed Triple 1050cc while I was nice and comfy on the Triumph Thunderbird Storm 1699cc.Very soon we got used to our motorcycles and were zooming across from one destination to the other.

    On our route was the city of Nawabs, Hyderabad where I was looking forward to a finger-licking meal apart from meeting the city’s best riders. I was delighted to have both my wishes fulfilled. The BFI National Safety Ride event held at the Triumph showroom saw a lot of bike enthusiasts and riders finding their way to meet us lady riders, to exchange views and experiences while we explained the importance of safe riding and being a responsible rider. After an eventful evening and a good biryani meal, we were off to bed looking forward to yet another day of riding fun.

    Crossing villages over a few days we reached Kolkata, where we received a warm welcome on the Bally Bridge by the city’s riders and rode on to the venue where the event was to be held.  Another session of safe riding tips and enlightening new riders of the importance of road safety, Urvashi and me were asked numerous questions, to which we were most happy to respond to. After enjoying yet another evening full of biker cheer and photographs we decided to call it a night.

    The next morning saw us discovering the city in a new light, sans the traffic and pollution. Visited some of the city’s heritage sites and monuments and finally succumbed to the best of Bengali mithais which we not only savoured but packed some for home as well.

    After a week full of fun and interactions with bikers, heading back home was tough and so was letting go of our steeds. Yet, as we wished well for the riders who were to take on the route from Kolkata onwards, we parted ways and were on our way back home with wonderful memories and many new experiences and learning of different lands, customs and beliefs.   

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