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The Haunted Ride

  • The Haunted Ride

    We all know that the workings of the mind are strange but I guarantee you that the workings of the road are stranger.

    Uffff…what a day it had been! I am glad I took my bike and headed out for the open roads. After a certain point my mind refused to work, my heart was weeping for the road and my legs were itching to kick start my bike and push off in to the sunset. Even now I could hear the shouts of my name, “Rohit!” echoing in my head. Man, my ears were ringing even after riding a considerable distance from home.

    Rehashing the day…Thank God the weekend begins tomorrow (Saturday)! All I am going to do is wake up late, have a late brunch and then stretch my legs, sit back and relax with a couple of chilled beers & end the day with a short ride. That’s how life should be! A hectic life as a software developer can really take a toll on your health; after all, I sit and sit and sit and rack my bloody brains all day long at work. What a life man! I should have gotten away when I had the chance (but I will come to that part later).

    So yes, back to the home scene. Poornima, my wife you know, God she can be so dreadful sometimes (but unfortunately I do love her *sigh*), she had her weekend plans all drawn up and that too without checking with me! And she knows that come weekend, I just want to relax. So, she had her weapons drawn (read: emotional dramas) to coax me into going along with her plans. But I had decided that I will fight tooth & nail for my freedom! And boy, fight we did! Only thing remaining was rushing at each other with clubs to each clobber the other’s head (you can imagine the scene). So cutting a long story short; the only thing that calms my mind is heading off for a ride, not that I need an excuse but this sure as hell gave me one! I shot off and I could hear her yells as I gradually progressed out of the neighborhood (I wonder what the neighbors think but who the f**k cares anyway!)

    That’s the beauty of riding; it helps you put all your troubles on the back burner and makes you ready to tackle it with a fresh perspective once you are back to an abnormal life (the normal one is my riding life you see). So on this breezy Friday evening I vowed to ride as far away from home as possible and distanced myself from the screaming banshee I left behind.

    So here I am; me and my bike sharing an intense love affair when I suddenly realized that I am down a road that I have consciously been avoiding for the last few months. Just on the outskirts of town (I always take another route to get out of town) there’s a set of desolate apartments and we had heard a lot of stories about this place; all thanks to our gossiping neighbors and it was enough to keep us away. But on the night, rage at my wife still pumping in my veins, I decided to man up and check out the place (I would love to prove those gossip mongers wrong).

    I put my bike at a standstill and stared up at the five story building for a few moments & all the stories I had heard came swirling into my mind. And I came to the conclusion; those buggers do a good job of spooking out people. Back to the situation at hand; I took one cautious step at a time and walked up to the entrance.

    It was crumbling, no lights of course, and the door to the entrance of the building was completely ajar. Oh my…am I doing the right thing? My inner voice kept telling me to run for my life but all I told it was to ‘shut the hell up and let me focus.’ Its 8.00 pm (not a good time to visit a rumored haunted apartment) but I nervously entered the building.

    I walked around, prodded around and gradually gathered enough courage to climb up the flight of stairs. As soon as I did, I entered the very first room to my right & lo and behold! What do I see?? As shabby as the building is outside, this room was beautifully done up on the inside! For a few minutes I was zapped! I was like ‘WOW’ but then I thought ‘who in their right mind would live here?’ I started calling out to someone, anyone who would probably listen. And suddenly, this very pretty lady dressed in a lovely pink gown appeared out of nowhere! My mind was telling me to run but my feet were rooted to the floor. I was mesmerized by her beauty! She saw me and I saw her. I wanted to flee but my feet only moved towards her. She too made a move toward me. My heart was seized with fear. I reached out to touch her cheek (what the f**k was I thinking) AND my f*@$#*g hand went straight through her face! ‘Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh’ was all I could get out of my bloody mouth and I turned on my heel and ran dashing out of the room (still screaming though nobody could hear me).

    I started my bike before ‘she’ or ‘it’ could follow me and went vrrrrrooommmmm towards the dear banshee I left screaming at my doorstep! 

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