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To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible

  • To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible

    “To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible.” – Anonymous

    Sometimes, life gives you moments that you’d love to cherish in your mind forever. Treasure of such memories makes life worth living.

    It was not a regular morning. While most of you would be sleeping on that chilled winter morning at 6 AM, I was preparing for an adventure. I along with my husband were on a motorcycle trip to Leh and this was the day when we were to ride to Srinagar from Leh. A journey traversing through few of most scenic locations in the world and treacherous mountain passes. An endurance filled ride, which would test mettle of any traveller.

    It was 13th day of our ride. While previous 12 days were not less than Sindbad’s adventures – this day had some more treasures to it. Roads from Leh to Jammu are situated in Indus valley and historically being called as Mughal Road. This road has a historic monastery called Lamayuru, which is situated near highest pass on NH 1 – Fotu La. We were enjoying beautiful white sand dunes all around and roads were butter smooth. An amazing ride one would expect after riding on shaky, stony, uneven stretches for 12 days. Fotu La is pass among beautiful sand mountains, standing at 13478 ft and it made for a perfect photo opportunity (As the name suggests!).

    Now came the magic moment. We saw herds of people approaching us. Dressed in traditional pants – shirts, sarees & salwar kameez, those folks looked similar to what a neighborhood uncle or aunt will look like. We got cautious because bunch of unwanted people approaching you doesn’t give a positive vibe, isn’t it? Well, we were dressed like a pro rider with full sleeve jackets, helmets and all sorts of protective gears you can think of. Suddenly, Tanmay (my husband) told us – there are plenty of those! Look at those buses behind the first one. When I saw there, yes there were four or five luxury buses standing besides the road and it looked like some religious group had been on a pilgrimage. This made us little comfortable. By this time, few enthusiastic families had already reached near us and we started normal chit-chat.

    They were surprised to see us taking up such an adventure, which got evident from the questions they had for us – ‘how many days does it take to complete the ride?’ & ‘How did your parents allow you to go for such an adventure?’ And to be honest, it was not easy. It took us some serious discussions with our parents to convince them for allowing us on this ride.

    When they learnt that I was the only lady amongst these people, I became the center of attraction for everyone! Amazement turned into inspiration!

    I could see that respect in their eyes for me. Someone even commented – “It’s a matter of honor that we have such ladies in our country who fluster courage to embrace such trip and fearlessly wanders.” Another gentleman said, “I will motivate my daughter to take up such an adventure once in her lifetime.” For me, it was just another ride to satisfy my wanderlust and I never thought my adventures could bring such revolutionary change in their thoughts! It was the moment. I was happy from within. That sense of pride & achievement was all around.

    It always feels good when you inspire someone to dream big. Honestly saying, in this beautiful world – there‘s a lot to see and a lot more to experience.  To travel. To aspire. To admire. To live. And to experience. I am happy that a few people got motivated because of a small unconventional trip that I took.

    Some of them clicked selfies with me, few girls asked me some more questions about my passion for travel & adventures. One gentle man even noted my contact details so that he could urge local newspapers to interview me and write something about my trip. In this whole madness, those three poor fellows who I was riding with were probably awed and thinking about the gender bias the countrymen were showing towards me. May be, they were happy for the attraction they got because of me, or may be they were just too busy observing Himalayas to focus on chaos around me.

    During the entire episode, I was so engrossed in talking that I forgot to click my pictures. But nonetheless, visuals from this experience will always remain etched in my memories. In the end, such memories are what you cherish for a lifetime!

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