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Wheeling & Feeling Happiness

  • Wheeling & Feeling Happiness

    The Wheeling Happiness Foundation, founded by Deepa Malik & her daughter Devika Malik helps not only physically challenged people but also emotionally challenged individuals. They help in bringing back happiness on their faces & joys in their lives. And the Bike Festival of India proved to be yet another platform for Deepa to bring a smile to their faces.

    A disability is not just the absence of limbs from one’s body. A majority of people are disabled with their minds, a number of people lose interest in life due to reasons that have affected their mental & emotional well being. Some people are so caught up in past problems, emotional imbalances that they aren’t ready to muster up the courage and begin afresh. It’s here that people like Deepa Malik step in and boost their courage. The lady herself if a living testimony that a strong will and determination to succeed against all odds is an achievable feat.

    These unique people who usually are looked down on and pitied by society were given a platform in the form of BFI to feel more confident about themselves & to accomplish a feat which would have otherwise been deemed undoable. A festival that’s normally for bikers, these talented people rode into the Bike Festival of India in spite of being physically and emotionally challenged. The rode with pride and with enthusiasm. The rode for themselves & the joy on their faces at that point just can’t be put into words.

    There comes a low in everyone’s life where you have nothing to look forward to, when you don’t have a goal to live. But BFI & Polaris motorcycles instilled hope in their hearts and in their lives. The boost of confidence they got by riding into a festival, performing stunts they thought were beyond their means & by riding the Polaris ATV are some things that will last with them for a lifetime. That day each of them felt like every other person out there, like every rider at the festival but also each unique in their own way. The feeling of having rode all the way from Delhi to be at the festival is a feat that will always remain close to their hearts and will be remembered by all.

    Mrs. Malik herself has been an inspiration to the entire biking community. Her iron clad will & her never say die attitude is commendable and is also what she wants to instill in to the Wheeling Happiness NGO. Deepa is the first woman paraplegic biker in the country & India salutes her confidence and her spirit. Her daughter Devika Malik assists her in running the Ngo as she herself is very well acquainted with her mother’s passions.

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