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World Record: Kashmir to Kanyakumari on Scooter in 140 Hours

  • World Record: Kashmir to Kanyakumari on Scooter in 140 Hours

    Hey Riders.....

    Feeling bhroom bhroom to be here, K2K on Scooter was my dream since 2014 and it took more than a year to bring it on a presentable form for sponsorship and finally I got the sponsorship from Hero Motor corp to go for this Record Attempt and that was dream come true.

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    Now when you carry someone’s trust on your shoulder you have to be précised about everything and I did the same during my Planning Stage of the trip. 

    The Journey was Flagged of From Jammu on 13th Sept  as We did not get approval to start from Srinagar because of the Burhan wani issue, everything was going well till the time my co-rider met with an accident on Day 2 (from Delhi to Gwalior), near to Gwalior due to which we had to stop and repair scooter, he too had some minor scratches but the major impact was on daily schedule as we were running 150KMs short as per plan, finally we started next morning around 11am from Gwalior we took all the Police Stamps and all.

    Day 4 (Chindwara to Adilabad) was again a bad day for us as Heavy Rain and Wind made us 350 Kms short of our actual target and again Varun(Co-Rider) fell in bathroom and had hairline fracture in his leg. That’s why I always suggest to exercise well for months before going to any expedition.

    Day 6 (Kurnool to Kanyakumari) : Ohhhh Man we were badly tired all body parts were paining like hell and we rode for 24 hours nonstop and covered app. 1100KMs in just one day which itself is a record. We took 2 powernaps on petrol pumps during the night journey between Salem to Madurai.

    I Love South India and South Indian people now, they are just fabulous and I learned a lot from them. They made us look Hero as you can see it in my YouTube Videos. Link is given below.

    Thanks a ton everyone whosoever was linked with this event directly or indirectly.

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