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Bharadwaj Dayala: Around the World in 18 months

  • Bharadwaj Dayala: Around the World in 18 months


    This 36 year old man has always been adventurous and risk taking.  He is extremely passionate about biking, and involves himself in a variety of different activities too.  He is trained in paragliding, and likes to take up such activities such as trekking and rock climbing. 

    Add to this his experience as a sailor. He, truly, is an adventurous soul and the hunger for that adrenaline rushing excitement seems to run through his blood stream. 

    He teaches sailing and rock climbing in Vizag at the Bravehearts Youth Club. What’s more?  He has even gone trekking to the Himalayas, all alone, just to hone his skills.  In fact, he went there during the off season to experience the feeling of solitude.  He is a black belt in karate.  In short, there’s hardly anything that he hasn’t done.


    He hails from Vishakhapatnam and he happens to be the first Indian to embark on a solo journey around the world on a motorbike. He covered 5 continents and 16 countries in his tour. He rode 47000 kms in a span of 18 months. Traversing through the terrains of Vishakhapatnam, Chennai, Tirupati, Hyderabad, Pune & Mumbai in India and from Iran onwards, he proved to the world that passion can nullify all difficulties and adversities. 

    Bharadwaj was always interesting in seeing the world. He chose to see the world on a bike as he felt it was the purest form in which he could see the other countries. Even though he decided to embark on this odyssey, very few people knew about his plans. Even his own parents and family members came to know about the journey just a little prior to the journey itself. Everyone else got to know about it through the press meet.   The reason behind this has been the fact that he did not want anybody’s opinions to affect his decisions.  A man who could be on the roads for over 18 months and have the willingness to spend 50 lacs to quench his thirst for adventure doesn’t need many opinions, does he?


    One of his biggest fears with respect to the journey was whether the bike could withstand such a long tedious journey in the first place. It was sheer patriotism that motivated him to make the journey on an Indian bike.  Another major challenge that met him was the procurement of visas for various countries.  The entry and exit times were pre-decided and he had to adhere to them.   Thus he could not stay as long as he wanted in any country.

    During the 19 month journey he never made the thoughts of home deter him from the trip. As those thoughts would have surely made him want to go home. The doctor had told Dayala that he had only 50% chance of surviving and for Dayala, it was not in least bit discouraging. On the contrary he replied that that was a good number to start with. He planned the trip with great details and a lot of care; he went about getting the visas for the countries and understanding the routes and the climates. It was two years of detailed planning before the trip actually materialized. Dayala is certainly a brave heart and has done the country proud!


    Over and above this long and highly renowned trip, Bharadwaj has also gone on many other drives, not all of which have been documented.  His hunger doesn’t seem to be have been satisfied though, and he wishes to drive his way to South America and Europe, the two regions which are still not included in his ride map.  He is currently working on his book ‘Ride The World’, which will be out by year end.

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