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By using the website, you accept that your information will be processed by the website in accordance with this privacy policy and the purposes stated therein. In general, the user data is used for the following purposes:

  • In supporting and developing the website's marketing efforts.
  • In improving the services and other possibilities on the website.
  • In providing information services to relevant third parties
  • In supporting the website's business partners to provide more focused and personalised services to the users

You agree that the website is entitled to provide your e-mail address and other information collected about you and the information registered by you to the following third parties:

  • Organisations and companies that form part of at the time the information is obtained or in the future.
  • Organisations and companies that process the file or parts thereof or have it/ them processed, for example, with the aim of analysing this file or to send out information or for direct mail.
  • Relevant third parties to providing information services.
  • Organisations and companies that state that they comply with the legal provisions relating to spam and sending advertisements and who will only send information to you by e-mail, after having received permission from the website to send that specific advertisement or information.

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