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Who are we?

Welcome to RIDE TILL I DIE – India’s first portal for motorcycle rides! is passionate project of 3 avid riders and motorcycle lovers. We conceptualized this portal during one of our riding expeditions, in 2012. While wandering amid lush green western ghats & on coasts of serene Arabian sea, we realized lack of such portal for Indian bikers.

Why this name?

Ride Till I Die is about sheer passion for riding. It is meant for people who love riding to the core and for whom riding comes above everything else. ‘Ride Till I Die’ gets its inspiration from widely famous '18 Till I Die' track from Brian Adams. is a dynamic and vibrant website with lots of informative stuff about bike rides and riding destinations. We are putting up stories about Motorcycle rides, eminent riders and lots of  "How to", "Why Should I", and so on articles with complete focus on Indian biker. A comprehensive route guide, ride calendar & directory of clubs & touring companies is available for all site users, for free. is positioned to become THE destination for all motorcycle riders and committed to fulfill their need of reading & exploring world through internet medium.

Our Team

Tanmay Shanishchara

Tanmay is passionate about internet, social media & everything digital. He is key person behind conceptualizing, creating and developing He is back bone of this initiative and drives most of the operations. He is an engineer by background and a MICA graduate. Tanmay is an entrepreneur by choice & Founder of Digital Marketing agency MeDigit.

Abhishek Kadam

Abhishek aka Abs is first generation entrepreneur and a brilliant strategist. After studying Mechanical Engineering, his passion for Marketing and Advertising landed him at MICA. Soon after, he started an event management company – iLeaf Connects. Abhishek loves creative thinking and comes up with kick-ass ideas at team meetings.

Pratish Ambekar

Pratish is ardent Royal Enfield rider and fantastic networker. He believes in ‘getting work done’ and keeps track of administration & moolah at RTID. Pratish is a wine lover & connoisseur of watches, pens & cuff-links. If not at work, you can assume that he is riding his beast at some corner of country.

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